Cortex is a vibrant space serving as an inclusive economic engine for St. Louis. Cortex creates equitable economic impacts by leveraging high-quality facilities, developing programs that build knowledge and networks, and convening strategic partnerships that attract and support emerging and established companies. Founded in 2002 through a collaboration of Washington University in St. Louis, BJC HealthCare, the University of Missouri – St. Louis, Saint Louis University, and the Missouri Botanical Garden, the Cortex Innovation Community ( is an internationally recognized hub of innovation and entrepreneurship that is focused on accelerating inclusive economic growth in St. Louis.

Cortex is more than just buildings. It is an innovation community strategically built around the idea that together, we can do more. Cortex is people working to improve St. Louis by growing and attracting jobs and partnering to inclusively prepare the talent for those jobs. Cortex is how we train entrepreneurs for business success as much as it is creating a place with amenities and an interesting vibe. Our community is a catalyst for innovation that brings together big-thinking problem solvers with state-of-the-art resources, facilities, and innovative programming to inspire and drive collaboration.

High-profile St. Louis startup relocates HQ to larger Cortex space where it could double its workforce

"The company, which has raised more than $200 million in venture funding, says the move will help grow its workforce and accelerate its efforts to develop its cancer-fighting drugs."


By Nathan Rubbelke - Reporter, St. Louis Business Journal


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Cortex, facing unprecedented challenges, plots new course. 'This is an evolution,' says chief.

 "The Cortex Innovation Community, a $2 billion economic engine for the region, has garnered national prestige and ignited urban renewal the city's core had not seen in nearly a century."


By Steph Kukuljan of the St. Louis Post Dispatch / MDJ


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