The API Innovation Center Receives $9.45 Million ‘Advanced Manufacturing Resiliency Grant’ from Missouri Technology Corporation
"Strengthening Missouri’s Position as a National Leader in Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) Reshoring, Sparking Job Growth and Economic Development Throughout the State." By API Staff


St. Louis, Mo. (March 2, 2023)—The API Innovation Center (APIIC) at Cortex has been awarded a $9.45 million grant from the Missouri Technology Corporation (MTC). The APIIC is a non-profit entity in St. Louis focused on strengthening the domestic pharmaceutical drug supply chain. The MTC Advanced Manufacturing Resiliency Grant Program will further the work of the APIIC as it continues to lead efforts in reshoring active pharmaceutical ingredients while bringing new advanced manufacturing jobs to the state.


The Advanced Manufacturing Resiliency Grant Program was established to support infrastructure for industries that are fundamental to the national security of the U.S. and where the manufacturing of essential products has become reliant on foreign production. The APIIC is dedicated to de-risking the return of API production to the U.S. through partnerships, collaboration, innovation, and research.


The APIIC is strengthening the U.S. supply chain by fostering the adoption of innovative manufacturing to build a resilient and economically sustainable pharmaceutical manufacturing base in Missouri.


“We believe Missouri can be the national leader in API reshoring, sparking job growth and strengthening our position as a hub for innovation,” said Tony Sardella, Chair of the APIIC. “Our public-private model to build a resilient pharmaceutical manufacturing base could be a successful model for the nation.”


The APIIC is part of the Cortex Innovation Community, a strong convener dedicated to accelerating inclusive economic growth in St. Louis.


Through collaboration among academic institutions, industry, and innovative startups, the APIIC can best leverage the region’s bioscience, healthcare, and advanced manufacturing strengths,” said Sam Fiorello, President and CEO of Cortex. “This collaboration highlights the power behind an innovative community, and Cortex is proud to help APIIC cultivate these networks and partnerships on a national scale.”


Through coordinated partnerships between public entities and private enterprises across the entire supply chain, the APIIC has created a shared vision of producing a reliable supply of pharmaceutical ingredients necessary for making drugs essential to U.S. public health.


“We have identified several different drug classes with no U.S. source of active ingredients that can be produced here in Missouri using advanced manufacturing, which ultimately will drive down drug production cost,” said Kevin Webb, Chief Operating Officer at the APIIC. “Funding from the MTC will further allow us to advance the production of these critical medicines and strengthen our supply chain.”


Ongoing efforts are underway to engage and recruit state and local organizations to join the APIIC. In addition to drug innovators and manufacturers, additional partners central to achieving the vision of the APIIC include wholesalers, retail pharmacies, payers, and prescription benefit organizations. These key partners work together to facilitate engagement to safeguard the nation’s API supply chain. By collaborating on this common goal, the APIIC is ensuring the availability and security of U.S.- made active pharmaceutical ingredients.


For more information about the APIIC at Cortex and their partners, visit: www.apicenter.org.