Cortex Commons Pickleball Tuesdays

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Cortex Commons events and gatherings






Cortex Commons is owned and operated by the Cortex Innovation Community.

While you are here, please note the values and expectations for use of common spaces.



Use Our Spaces as Intended:

Sleeping, loitering, drug use and public intoxication are not permitted.

Please respect the space and leave it as you found it – or better.

Cortex Commons is private property, disruption of private events will not be tolerated.



Be Considerate of Others:

All people-their ideas, values and skills-are welcome in Cortex.

Respecting people means respecting their time, input and physical space.



Communicate with Respect:

Obscene, harassing, abusive language, hate speech, gestures or actions are unacceptable.



Act Responsibly:

Violating any federal, state or local laws, regulations or ordinances, including any applicable public health mandates is prohibited.


Anyone not behaving according to our values and expectations for use of the common will be asked to change their behavior. Anyone not changing their behavior may be asked to leave with possible assistance from law enforcement.



To report issues or request assistance, please contact Cortex Security  - 314-236-9126


For Emergencies please call 911